Pastor Yinka Yusuf Reveals Buhari Committed Blasphemy For Calling A Whole Jesus Christ An Ordinary  Prophet

Nigerian clergyman, Rev Yinka Yusuf has described as Blasphemous a comment he claimed President Buhari made where he referred to Jesus as a Prophet. 

While delivering a sermon in his church. Yusuf said Jesus is ‘not a prophet’ and so referring to him as one is ”Blasphemy.”

In his words;

”I was listening to the television two days ago and our dear president, President Buhari said something. He said our religion respects and believes in all prophets, even Jesus Christ. That is blaspheming. Calling Jesus Christ a prophet is blasphemy because Jesus is not a prophet…but that’s the problem with religion.

If Blasphemy is calling God who he is not, Jesus from the day he was on earth till today, people are still calling him who he is not.

Jesus is not a prophet, he is too big to be a prophet. Never once did he call himself a prophet. It was the Jews that called him a prophet. He never called him prophet because he is not a prophet. A prophet is a messenger. Who will he be a messenger to? He is the message. How can the message become a messenger?” 

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