8 ways to achieve a better work-life balance

8 ways to achieve a better work-life balance

1. Consider your financial situation.

Could you be happier with less? Research shows that when your basic needs are met, a higher income doesn’t lead to more happiness. If you spent less money, maybe you could work fewer hours and have more time for yourself.

2. Understand how important your values are

Spend a few minutes each day thinking about what really matters to you in life. How much time do you actually spend on your priorities? Consider your passions and interests, and make time for the things that make you feel alive.

3. Establish boundaries

When you work, set limits on how long you’re going to work. Set aside time for other activities, too. Turn off your phone, limit your access to work emails or go online-free for a few hours. Learn how to say ‘no’ when someone asks you to do something that will take time away from your important activities.

4. Time management is important

There are lots of ways to keep track of how you spend your time. Review your typical week, and look for ways to save time and be more efficient. Shop online, cut down on your commute if possible, avoid social media or cancel non-essential meetings that aren’t helping you achieve your goals.

5. Enjoy the work

The popular catchphrase ‘Do what you love, and love what you do’ is often quoted by people trying to encourage others to find their passion. While all work can be tedious or stressful at times, if you really hate your job or it’s making life impossible, consider changing jobs or even careers.

6. Focus on your health

Regular exercise, proper sleep, healthy eating habits and moderate alcohol intake can help you to feel less stressed, anxious and depressed

7. Take care of your relationships.

If you want to develop resilience and have coping mechanisms for stress, you should prioritize time with your family, friends, neighbours, or loved ones.

8. Take Time for yourself

Rest periods are just as important to success as work periods because they allow you to recharge your batteries. Schedule time off each week to read a book, play sport, spend time in nature or do nothing. Choose any activity you enjoy.

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