How to cook Rice and Beans, ingredients and Method

If you are among the type that does not like taking beans porridge and knowing how important that beans is to the body as it is needed for your growth. I will personally advice you to maybe try taking the beans with some else like mixing it with rice as jollof or grinding the beans into moi-moi or Akara (beancake). Today, I  will be teaching you how you can cook your rice and beans jollof.

Ingredients for cooking Rice and Beans

First of all you will be needing ingredients like;

• Some cups of rice and beans

• Tomato (fresh and paste)

• Crayfish

• Fish or meat

• Pepper & salt

• Maggi and other seasoning

• Onions

Method of cooking Rice and Beans

• Put some quantity of water on fire, when it boils wash your beans thoroughly with water and put it inside the boiling water.

• After some minutes, bring down the beans from the fire, pour it into a basket and sieve so that the water can drain out and wash it again for the second time. Put another fresh water into the pot and put in your bean again

• When the beans begans to soften, get your rice and wash it into the already boiling beans on fire. Wait for some minutes to parboil the rice and beans together and then bring it down and put inside a basket so that the water can draining out

• Before now, it is expected that the fish or meat that you want to use for the cooking is ready.

• Get a dry pot that you will use for your stew, pour in your vegetable oil when it gets hot put in your sliced onions into the oil and fry the onions, after that put in your chopped/blended fresh tomato (or paste tomato) store together and add a small quantity of water into it (you can also add the water you used in cooing your meat or fish for the stew)

• While the tomato stew is boiling, commence the addition of your other ingredients like crayfish, pepper, salt, 2 cubes of Maggi is enough and other seasoning that you wish to use. The essence of all these ingredients is to improve the taste of the food

• Now that your stew is ready, wag your parboiled rice and beans and put insiD the stew and store it very well for it to mix well.  Lastly, you can put in your cooked meat or fish into the food.(NB: The stew water level should not be above the rice and beans)

• Wait for some minutes, so that the water in the food can dry up and that is finally done. Wow, your rice and beans jollof is done and ready to be served.

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