How To Cook Vegetable ( Edikang Ikong ) Soup

The Nigerian vegetable soup or Edikang Ikong is basically one of the native soups of the Efiks, in Cross River. However, it has come to be one of the popular soups prepared by Nigerians from other tribes and cultures. It is highly nutritious, and to some extent, medicinal, delicious and easy to prepare.

Many Nigerians today has confirmed that vegetable soup is their favourite soup. However, despite being nutritious, it looses its nutrients when refrigerated for a long period of time.

Ingredients for preparing the vegetable soup:
Here are all the ingredients for making Nigerian edikaikong soup. The quantity of ingredients you use depends on the quantity of vegetable soup you want to cook.

  1. Water leaves
  2. Pumpkin leaves (or spinach)
  3. Meat and fish of choice (in this case however, beef, kpomo and dry fish will do)
  4. Periwinkle
  5. Palm oil
  6. Pepper, salt, onions, stock cubes and ground crayfish (spices)

Guidelines in preparing the vegetable soup 

1) Wash and cut your leaves (i.e water leaves and pumpkin) into tiny pieces. Put them separately in a sieve and allow to drain;

2) Then you boil your beef, kpomo (which should be in small pieces) and dry fish. Steam with the onions and stock cubes with a little amount of water;

3) When the meat is softened, you then add your palm oil, crayfish and pepper. Allow to boil for 7 to 10 mins;

4) Your periwinkle and water leaves go in next. Allow to boil for about 5 mins.
* note: water is not added to this soup. The water leaves as it boils releases water. The water gotten from it is what is needed for the soup;

5) Lastly, you add the pumpkin leaves and salt to taste. Stir the soup well. Allow to heat for a minute or two. Then turn of the heat.

Your vegetable soup is ready to be served. You can serve it alongside with garri, amala, cassava fufu, semolina fufu or pounded yam.

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