Airtel data plans 2019: Bundles and Subscription codes

Airtel NG is one of the biggest telecommunication companies here in Nigeria. The airtel brand is one of the best when it comes to exclusive services and offers. Just like it slogan “The Smartphone Network “ indeed it is smart and affordable with quite last longing services and data offers. I promise you, you won’t have any problem using airtel as your service provider because their services, signal and network are 24hours steady.

Today, I will be teaching you about the Airtel data bundles and their subscription code. This article will also contain the procedures on how to access these wonderful data bundles, their prices, duration and so many others. Airtel NG offers you as their customer both day and night bundles, they also offer Dara bundles like monthly,daily,weekly etc which can be used for internet and social media platforms.

The general code which leads to the options of all airtel data bundles plans is *141#. If you are a customer of Airtel and you are using their network on your mobile, just dail *141# and this will lead to the data bundle option.

So now, I  will be explaining in details how these data bundles works :

1. Daily/weekly bundles

Under this daily/weekly bundles,we have data bundles like the following;

• Amount:#50, Data:20MB ,Duration: 1 day

• Amount:#100, Data:75MB ,Duration: 1 day

• Amount:#200, Data:200MB ,Duration: 3days

• Amount:#300, Data:350MB ,Duration: 1 week

• Amount:#500, Data:75MB ,Duration: 2 weeks

2. Monthly Bundles

• Amount:#1000, Data:1.5GB,Duration: 30days

• Amount:#1200, Data:2GB,Duration: 30days

• Amount:#1500, Data:3GB,Duration: 30days

• Amount:#2000, Data:3.5GB,Duration: 30days

• Amount:#2500, Data:4.5GB +1GB Night Bonus,Duration: 30days

• Amount:#3000, Data:5.5GB +1GB Night Bonus,Duration: 30days

• Amount:#4000, Data:7.5GB +2GB Night Bonus,Duration: 30days

3. Mega bundles

The Mega data bundles is suitable for companies and organisations that make use of internet services on a daily bases, below are the mega data bundles

• Amount: 5000, Data: 10GB + 2GB bonus from (1am-7am), Duration:30days

• Amount: 10000, Data: 25GB , Duration:30days

• Amount: 15000, Data: 40GB , Duration:30days

• Amount: 20000, Data: 60GB , Duration:30days

4. Bingle plans

This is a daily data plan that offers you a higher amount of data for a lesser cost.

• Amount: 350, Data: 1GB , Duration:Daily

• Amount: 500, Data: 2GB , Duration:Daily

5. Social Bundle

This social bundle plan is very perfect for lovers of social media platforms. Under it we have the following plans;

a) All Social Bundles

I. All Social daily: Amount:50, Data: 40MB , Duration:1day

II. All Social weekly: Amount: 100, Data: 80MB , Duration:5days

III. All Social monthly: Amount: 300, Data: 600MB , Duration:25days

b) what’sApp Daily Bundles : Amount:25, Data:10MB ,Duration: 1day

c) what’sApp Plus Bundles

I. what’sApp plus Daily : Amount: 50, Data: 10MB +5mins call, Duration:1 day

II. what’sApp plus weekly: Amount: 100, Data: 30MB +10mins call, Duration:10days

d) Instagram bundles

• Amount:100, Data:250MB ,Duration: 1day

• Amount:200, Data:1GB ,Duration: 1day

e) YouTube Video Plans

• Amount:1000,Data:1.5GB +3GB Free YouTube Duration: 30days

• Amount:300, Data:300MB ,Duration: 7days

• Amount:150 Data:300MB ,Duration: 7days

6. Router bundles

This particular data bundle only works in a router device only.

• Amount:5000, Data:10GB ,Duration: 30days

• Amount:10000, Data:30GB ,Duration: 30days

• Amount:15000, Data:60GB,,Duration: 30days

• Amount:20000, Data:120GB ,Duration: 30days

Lastly but not the least, Airtel also offer you data for as low as #25 for Night browsing giving you 250MB worth of data from 12am-5am. Just dail *312# to get started on this plan.



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