Facts about Hanifa Abubakar Biography

Hanifa Abubakar Biography

Hanifa Abubakar was a 5years old Nigerian who was kidnapped on her way back from an Islamic School in Kano. She was killed by her abductor Abdulmalik Mohammed Tanko a teacher of her school after he suspected she could recognize him. Here are facts about Hanifa Abubakar.

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  1. Hanifa Abubakar was 5years old when she was kidnapped
  2. Hanifa Abubakar was kidnapped in December 2021.
  3. Her parents were requested to pay ransom of N6 million. However, he paid N100,000 to secure her release
  4. Her father was Abubakar Abdussalam
  5. Hanifa Abubakar was abducted by her school teacher Abdulmalik Mohammed Tanko.
  6. Hanifa Abubakar was from Kano State, Northern Nigeria
  7. She was a Muslim
  8. Hanifa Abubakar was killed by her abductor, 34 years old Abdulmalik Mohammed Tanko and buried in a shallow grave after she was able to recognize him
  9. The Kano Police Command have arrested two suspects including Abdulmalik Mohammed Tanko in connection with the abduction and murder of Hanifa Abubakar


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