Russia Threaten Nuclear Escalation if Sweden and Finland join NATO

Russia has threatened nuclear escalation if Sweden and Finland join NATO

One of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies Medvedev, warned NATO that if Sweden and Finland joined the military alliance then Russia would deploy nuclear weapons and hypersonic missiles in an exclave in the heart of Europe

Medvedev says Russia may deploy nuclear weapons in the Baltic, if Sweden & Finland join NATO.

This is because Russia has already deployed tactical nuclear weapons near the Baltics. Nuclear deployment in Kaliningrad wouldn’t change much.

Recall that Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin said the Nordic country could decide to join NATO “within weeks.”

Sweden and Finland held neutral status throughout the Cold War, but Russia’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine has triggered a spike in support for joining Nato. Both countries face Russia across the Baltic Sea and Finland shares an 830-mile land border with it

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