Khaby Lame Biography 2023

Khaby Lame Biography 2023

Khaby Lame Biography 2023

The world of social media is increasingly influential nowadays and there are several personalities followed and appreciated, not only by young people. Among the most followed in the world today we find Khaby Lame , the famous Italian tiktoker of Senegalese origins, who thanks to his funny videos has surpassed even Chiara Ferragni herself.

A success born by chance but appreciated by all, Khaby Lame is now a case study thanks to the speed with which it has managed to conquer not only smartphones but above all the hearts of millions of fans. His videos have over 200 million views.

Khaby Lame: his biography

Khaby Lame is registered as Khabane Lame and was born on March 9, 2000 in Senegal. Today he lives in Chivasso. He has become one of the most followed tiktokers and creators ever thanks to his following of him by more than 154 million followers.

His social media adventure began in March 2020 when, due to Covid, the company where he worked fired him. Since then she has started posting videos on TikTok mainly ironic and almost all focused on the quarantine. Famous is one of his first videos grappling with the sanitizing gel. Later her videos started to cover different topics, from the witty ones to those dealing with current and important topics such as Black Lives Matter and the fight against racism.

The success of his videos ( Khaby Lame Biography 2023 )

The most frequent, the ones for which he has become famous all over the world, are reaction videos , i.e. those in which he reacts to the video content of other users. He doesn’t need jokes or big numbers: he manages to respond to meaningless videos that invent bizarre solutions only with mimicry, showing the easiest, most practical and even obvious solution.

It is precisely the face that is the center of his comedy, the same one that brings back expressions that no one could repeat in words. It’s his expressions that accompany the most obvious solution that amuse its users. No words, few noises except those generated by his movements. A simple but at the same time effective comedy that has brought him to the Olympus of creators, also for a question of language: his worldwide success is due to the fact that he does not use words, but only actions, so that even non-Italians can appreciate it the deeds.

How much does Khaby Lame make?

Many are wondering how much the Italian tiktoker earns. We are talking about €1000.00 for every million views and therefore if, in general, it reaches about 4 or 5 million views every week, it means that its earnings are around four thousand or five thousand euros per month. In addition to these figures, the fees he receives for each sponsored post on his social networks are added. In this case we are talking about 70,000 euros per single publication made. He is therefore included in the ranking of the highest paid Italian influencers.

His future ( Khaby Lame Biography 2023 )

Despite his young age, Khaby Lame has a bright future ahead of him and dreams of the general public also on YouTube and in the cinema in comedy films. Meanwhile, his comic entitled “Super Easy” has just been released in bookstores.

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