Ola of Lagos Biography, Career, Controversies, And Net Worth

Ola of Lagos Biography

Waris Olayinka Akinwande, popularly known as Ola of Lagos, is a young Nigerian creative social media influencer who has gained a significant following on social media platforms. He was born on the 19th of June and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria, where he completed his primary and secondary education.

Ola’s parents were not well-to-do, so he had to learn how to hustle from a very young age. He started as a cleaner in the Lekki area of Lagos, which is known for its wealthy residents and expensive properties. Despite the challenges he faced, Ola had a strong interest in cars, and his job in Lekki allowed him to be around exotic vehicles.

Ola of Lagos Profile

Name Ola of Lagos
Real NameWaris Olayinka Akinwande
Date of Birth19 June
AgeLate 20s
State of Origin Lagos State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Islam
Occupation Social Media Influencer
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth $250000
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Educational Background

Ola of Lagos Educational Background

Ola of Lagos completed his primary and secondary education in Lagos State, Nigeria. However, there is no public information available about where he attended school or his academic qualifications beyond this.


Ola of Lagos Career

Ola of Lagos’s career began when he started posting pictures of exotic cars on his Instagram account. As his following grew, he began to create more creative content related to cars, including videos and skits. His content resonated with a wide audience, and he quickly gained a significant following.

His big break came when he won a 2 million NGN prize from Tunde Ednut’s giveaway. Davido, a Nigerian musician, also offered him an all-expense-paid trip to the Dubai car fashion show. Since then, Ola has continued to build his brand through collaborations with other influencers and brands. He has also expanded his content to include lifestyle and personal experiences, which has helped him maintain his following.


Ola of Lagos Controversies

There are no known controversies surrounding Ola of Lagos. He has been able to build a positive reputation through his creativity and hard work.

Personal Life

Ola of Lagos personal life

There is not much public information available about Ola of Lagos’s personal life. He is said to be in his late 20s, but his exact age is unknown. Ola was raised as a Muslim, and he has siblings. He keeps his personal life relatively private, and there are no known public relationships or family members associated with him.

Ola of Lagos Instagram Handle

Ola of Lagos is most active on Instagram, where he has gained a significant following. His Instagram handle is @ola_of_Lagos, and he shares creative content related to cars, lifestyle, and his personal experiences. He also has a YouTube channel, where he occasionally posts videos related to cars and other topics.

Ola of Lagos Net Worth

Ola of Lagos Net Worth

Ola of Lagos is estimated to be worth over $250000

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