Kenny Kunene Biography, Education, Career, Controversies, And Net Worth

Kenny Kunene biography

Kenny Kunene is a South African ex-convict, businessman and former Secretary-General of the Patriotic Alliance. While working as a high school English teacher, Kenny Kunene opened a shebeen selling alcohol after work and began engaging in criminal activities including robberies and fraud.

Kenny Kunene, born on October 21, 1970, is a prominent South African entrepreneur, socialite, and politician. He is known for his controversial lifestyle, outspoken nature, and involvement in various business ventures. Kunene gained widespread attention for his flamboyant lifestyle and extravagant parties, earning him the nickname “Sushi King” due to his penchant for eating sushi off the bodies of scantily clad women.

Kenny Kunene Profile

NameKenny Kunene
Real NameKenneth Kunene
Date of Birth 21 October 1970
Age53 years
City of Origin Odendaalsrus
Nationality South African
Occupation Businessman and Politician
Religion Christianity
Marital Status Single
Net Worth $5 Million
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Educational Background

Kenneth Kunene educational background

Kenny Kunene’s educational background is not widely known or documented. There is limited information available about his formal education, including his primary, secondary, and tertiary studies.


Kenny Kunene career

Kenny Kunene’s career has been marked by a diverse range of ventures. He has worked in various industries, including business, entertainment, and politics. Kenny Kunene rose to prominence as a businessman, founding ZAR Lounge, a high-end nightclub in Johannesburg that attracted both the rich and famous.

He later ventured into the mining industry, establishing a mining company called Central Rand Gold. Additionally, he has been involved in real estate, energy, and hospitality businesses. In the political realm, Kenny Kunene was associated with the EFF party, founded by Julius Malema, a former member of the African National Congress (ANC).

However, their association was short-lived, and Kunene left the party due to differences in ideology. Despite the controversies surrounding him, Kenny Kunene has managed to maintain a significant presence in the public eye. He continues to engage in various entrepreneurial pursuits, occasionally making headlines with his extravagant lifestyle and provocative statements.


Kenny Kunene controversies

Throughout his career, Kenny Kunene has been no stranger to controversy. His extravagant lifestyle and public displays of wealth have drawn both admiration and criticism from the public. Kunene’s sushi-eating habits and his association with the controversial “ZAR” nightclub sparked heated debates about morality and the objectification of women. He has also been involved in political controversies, having joined and later left the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) political party amid disagreements.

Kenny Kunene Social Media Handles

As a public figure, Kenny Kunene has been active on various social media platforms. However, it’s important to note that the information provided here is accurate up until September 2021, and his social media presence may have changed since then. As of the last available information, he maintained a presence on platforms such as Twitter, where he could be followed under the handle “@Kenny_T_Kunene.”

Personal Life

Kenny Kunene personal life

Kenny Kunene has been relatively private about his personal life. He was married to Mathato Kunene, with whom he has children. However, the couple divorced in 2012. He also married Nonkululeko Whitney Mhlanga Kunene and divorced her in 2017, he is known for his luxurious lifestyle, expensive cars, and lavish parties, often surrounded by beautiful women. He has been the subject of intense media examination and has faced both praise and criticism for his personal choices. He is known to have many children.

Kenny Kunene Net Worth

Kenny Kunene net worth

Kenny Kunene is estimated to be worth approximately $5 Million.

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