Iya Gbonkan Biography, Education, Career, Controversies, And Net Worth

Iya Gbonkan biography

Iya Gbonkan, is a Nigerian actress who has made a name for herself through her iconic evil roles in movies. She was born on 14 September 1958, in Otu, Oyo State, she is best known for portraying mean witch characters in Yoruba movies, a role that is complemented by her natural physique. Iya Gbonkan rose to prominence in the early 1970s with notable appearances in television series such as “Pa Yemi Elebu’bon” by Ifa Olokun, as well as in movies like “Olori Emere” and Yekinni Ajileye’s “Koto Orun.”

Iya Gbonkan Profile

Name Iya Gbonkan
Real Name Margaret Bamidele Olayinka
Date of Birth 14 September 1958
Age65 years
Tribe Yoruba
State of Origin Oyo State
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Actress
Religion Christianity
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $10,000
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Educational Background

Iya Gbonkan educational background

Details about Iya Gbonkan’s educational background are not readily available. Further information regarding her education is not disclosed online.


Iya Gbonkan career

Iya Gbonkan’s career in the Nigerian entertainment industry spans several decades, and she has left an indelible mark through her memorable roles. She gained recognition for her talent and distinctive scary facial expression, which made her a sought-after actress in Yoruba movies. She first gained prominence in the early 1970s when she appeared in the popular television series “Pa Yemi Elebu’bon” by Ifa Olokun.

Iya Gbonkan exceptional acting skills and ability to bring characters to life garnered attention and opened doors for her in the industry. Throughout her career, Iya Gbonkan has portrayed various characters, but she is best known for her portrayal of mean witch roles. Her physical appearance, coupled with her ability to deliver captivating performances, made her a favourite choice for such roles.

Iya Gbonkan has worked with renowned Yoruba movie producers and directors, leaving a lasting impression on audiences with her exceptional talent. Despite the challenges faced by actors in Nigeria, Iya Gbonkan has remained dedicated to her craft. In recent years, she expressed her need for assistance, including the lack of a personal vehicle, which was eventually fulfilled by one of her fans who gifted her a brand-new car.

Iya Gbonkan dedication and commitment to acting have made her a beloved figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Iya Gbonkan’s contributions to the Yoruba movie industry have not only entertained audiences but also inspired and influenced aspiring actors. Her unique style and memorable performances have solidified her place as one of the respected veterans in Nigerian cinema.


Iya Gbonkan controversies

Iya Gbonkan is always mistaken for the character she is known to act in movies. Recently Iya Gbonkan, the veteran actress Margaret Bandele, received a heartwarming gift after publicly expressing her need for assistance. In a video shared online, Iya Gbonkan was seen sitting in her new car, expressing her gratitude to God and offering prayers for the fan who generously gifted her the vehicle.

Before receiving the car, Iya Gbonkan had openly shared her struggles with relying on public transportation, despite having dedicated decades to her acting career. She had mentioned how she would often have to rely on buses to reach her destinations, highlighting her need for support. In her plea, Iya Gbonkan encouraged her fans and well-wishers to celebrate and appreciate her while she is still alive, rather than waiting until her passing to show their support.

Her sincere request touched the hearts of many, leading to the kind gesture of the car gift. This generous act not only provided Iya Gbonkan with much-needed transportation but also served as a testament to the love and appreciation her fans have for her. It is a heartwarming example of the impact that actors like Iya Gbonkan can have on the lives of their admirers and the power of collective support within the entertainment community.

Iya Gbonkan Social Media Handles

Iya Gbonkan recently joined social media accounts and she is on Instagram @officialiyagbokan.

Personal Life

Iya Gbonkan personal life

Iya Gbonkan is married and blessed with children, while she keeps her family life private.

Iya Gbonkan Net Worth

Iya Gbonkan net worth

Iya Gbonkan is estimated to be worth approximately $10,000.

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