Igwe Credo Biography, Education, Career, Controversies, And Net Worth

Igwe Credo biography

Born on March 2nd in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria, Igwe Credo Mbem, known as AKA JI OFOR AROBINAGU NWA NRI, is a vibrant Igbo performer, singer, and manager of Ojazzy Igbonile.

Raised in a family of traders, he discovered his passion for music during his school years at St. John’s Primary School and St. Paul’s Secondary School in Awka. Influenced by iconic Igbo musicians like Osita Osadebe and Oliver De Coque, Igwe Credo honed his musical skills, learning to play the flute, guitar, and keyboard from his uncle.

Igwe Credo Profile

Real NameIgwe Credo Mbem
Date of Birth2 March
State of OriginAnambra State
OccupationIgbo performer, singer, and manager of Ojazzy Igbonile
Marital StatusMarried
Net worth$100,000
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Educational Background

Igwe Credo educational background

Igwe Credo Mbem attended St. John’s Primary School and St. Paul’s Secondary School in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria. During his school years, he developed a keen interest in music and performance. His passion for music led him to learn how to play the flute, guitar, and keyboard under the guidance of his uncle, who served as a music teacher. Additionally, he actively participated in the cultural troupe of his school, engaging in various competitions and festivals. Igwe Credo’s educational journey laid the foundation for his later involvement in the music industry


Igwe Credo career

Commencing as a street performer, Igwe Credo played his flute and sang for tips, setting the stage for his journey. In 2019, he met Ojazzy Igbonile, a young flutist, and together they created Ojapiano—a unique blend of Igbo highlife and South African amapiano. Their collaboration with KCee, resulting in the hit song “Ojapiano,” brought fame but also controversy. Igwe Credo and Ojazzy alleged exploitation by KCee and 5 Star Music, leading to an ongoing legal battle.

Additionally, Igwe Credo has released solo tracks like “Mbem,” “Hero Beer,” and “Igbo Kwenu,” celebrating Igbo culture. He’s collaborated with artists such as Shuga Khrizz, Zoro, and Slowdog, earning recognition and awards, including Best Igbo Performer, Best New Act, and Best Collaboration.


Igwe Credo controversies

Igwe Credo Mbem found himself entangled in controversy when he, alongside Ojazzy Igbonile, accused KCee and 5 Star Music of financial exploitation and intimidation. Despite the success of their collaborative hit, “Ojapiano,” Igwe Credo alleged they received only 200k for their contributions and faced threats from KCee’s brother, E-Money. This dispute led to an ongoing legal battle, highlighting the challenges artists may encounter in the music industry, especially concerning fair compensation and recognition for their work.

Igwe Credo Social Media Handles

Igwe Credo is active on social media, he is on Instagram@.

Personal Life

Igwe Credo Personal life

Happily married with a child, Igwe Credo often shares glimpses of his family life on Facebook during special occasions.

Igwe Credo Net Worth

Igwe Credo Net worth

Estimated at $100,000, Igwe Credo’s income sources include music sales, streams, shows, endorsements, and investments.

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