Dr Grace Boadu Biography, Education, Career, Controversies, And Death

Dr Grace Boadu biography

Born on June 10, 1977, in Kumasi, Ghana, Dr. Grace Boadu was a multifaceted entrepreneur, herbalist, and nurse who made significant contributions to healthcare. Known for her expertise in herbal medicine, particularly in treating conditions like infertility and stroke, she operated her main clinics in Kumasi, impacting the community profoundly.

Dr Grace Boadu Profile

Name Dr. Grace Boadu
Real NameGrace Boadu
Date of Birth10 June 1977
Date of Death29 January 2024 (47 years)
OccupationEntrepreneur, Herbalist, and Nurse
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth$2 Million
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Educational Background

Dr Grace Boadu educational background

Dr. Boadu, a native of Kumasi, pursued her nursing education at St. Gilbert Nursing College in Kumasi. After graduation, she worked in conventional healthcare settings such as County Hospital, Mary Lucy Hospital, Kropo Charity Hospital, and Ebenezer Maternity Home in Kumasi.


Dr Grace Boadu career

Starting her career as a nurse after graduating from St. Gilbert Nursing College in Kumasi, Dr. Boadu worked in conventional healthcare settings, including County Hospital, Mary Lucy Hospital, Kropo Charity Hospital, and Ebenezer Maternity Home in Kumasi. However, her trajectory took a significant turn as she discovered her ability to effectively treat various ailments using herbs.

Driven by her newfound passion for herbal medicine, Dr. Boadu founded Grace Gift Herbal Clinic and Laboratory Services. Her expertise focused on treating conditions like infertility and stroke, garnering widespread recognition for her contributions to alternative healthcare. The success of her clinic was evident in its expansion to branches in Atwima Koforidua, Ohwim in Kumasi, and Achimota in Accra.

Dr. Boadu’s dedication to herbal medicine made her a respected figure in the field, and her clinic became a go-to destination for those seeking alternative healthcare solutions. Her impact was not limited to her immediate community; she gained recognition across Ghana for her commitment to providing effective herbal remedies.

Despite controversies and challenges, Dr. Boadu’s career journey was a testament to her resilience and commitment to healing. Her legacy extends beyond her individual success, as she also played a role in the movie “Wicked Away,” directed by Lord Lamba.


Dr Grace Boadu controversies

Dr. Grace Boadu’s life was surrounded by controversies, including a past poisoning incident that she revealed in a resurfaced video. She unknowingly carried poison in her body for over three years until a surprising discovery at Dubai airport.

Personal Life

Dr Grace Boadu personal life

Details of Dr. Grace Boadu’s personal life indicate that she was not married and did not have children. The family expressed deep sorrow over her sudden and untimely death, revealing that she was preparing to marry and start a family.

Dr. Grace Boadu Net Worth

Dr Grace Boadu net worth

Dr. Grace Boadu was estimated to be worth around $2 Million during her lifetime.


Dr Grace Boadu death

Dr. Boadu passed away on January 29, 2024, in her residence in Accra. Reports suggest she slipped and fell in her bathroom, and her junior doctor later confirmed finding her unconscious without clothes. The family, devastated by her death, shared the somber atmosphere during their meeting in Kumasi.

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