Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti Biography, Education, Career, Controversies, And Death

Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti biography

Fela Aníkúlápó Kútì, born Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti, on October 15, 1938, in Abeokuta, British Nigeria, was a Nigerian musician, bandleader, composer, political activist, and Pan-Africanist. Renowned as the King of Afrobeat, Kútì’s music combined West African rhythms with African-American funk and jazz, making him one of Africa’s most influential music performers.

Fela Kuti Profile

Name Fela Aníkúlápó Kútì
Real NameOlufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti
Date of Birth15 October 1938
Date of Death2 August 1997 (58 years)
State of OriginOgun State
OccupationMusician, Bandleader, Composer, Political activist, and Pan-Africanist
Religion African Traditional
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$5 Million
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Educational Background

Fela Aníkúlápó educational background

Kútì attended Abeokuta Grammar School before being sent to London to study medicine. However, he pursued music at the Trinity College of Music, focusing on the trumpet.


Fela Aníkúlápó career

In 1958, Kútì formed the band Koola Lobitos, blending jazz and highlife. He returned to Nigeria in 1963, reformed the band, and trained as a radio producer. Kútì’s music, labeled Afrobeat, incorporated elements of various genres, gaining popularity across Africa and beyond.


Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti controversies

Kútì was an outspoken critic of Nigeria’s military juntas. In 1970, he founded the Kalakuta Republic, declaring it independent from military rule. His confrontational lyrics and political activism led to frequent raids on his commune, with one in 1977 resulting in the death of his mother and the destruction of his studio.

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Personal Life

Fela Aníkúlápó personal life

Born into the Ransome-Kuti family, known for its activism, Kútì’s mother, Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti was a prominent women’s rights activist. Fela Kútì married Remilekun Taylor in 1960 and had three children. On 20 February, he later married 27 women in a day in a traditional Yoruba wedding ceremony in Lagos to protect them from false accusations by authorities of him kidnapping women.

Fela Kuti Net Worth

Fela Aníkúlápó Kútì Net worth

Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti was estimated to be worth around $5 Million during his life time.


Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti death

Fela Aníkúlápó Kútì passed away on August 2, 1997, at the age of 58 in Lagos, Nigeria, from complications related to AIDS. Despite controversies surrounding the cause of his death, his legacy lives on through his music and activism. Kútì’s influence transcends generations, inspiring musicians and activists globally, and his music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

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