Meet Toyibb Hassan and Zainab Lawal, the Game Changing Partners in Agro-allied business in Nigeria

In a world where the quality of food we consume determines our functionality, our health status and as well as our productivity level, one cannot but recognize and appreciate the role of agricultural services in making this happen.

Agricultural services such as mechanised farming, Agro-Allied services, agronomy as well as other agro business value chains play critical role in bringing about sustainable food production and increased access to organic – Direct-from-farm to the table foods for the teeming masses in any stable economy.

This is why Toyzain Integrated Agricultural Services, an organisation with the core mission of redefining agricultural services in Nigeria has become the game changer in the agricultural sector in Nigeria in the last three years. Having introduced diverse improved methods of mechanised agriculture by leveraging technological advancement in tackling the challenges of food shortage facing Nigeria and by extension, Africa.

Toyzain was founded by two young Nigerians Toyyib Hassan and Zainab Lawal in 2021, both of whom met and became friends while in school. And now Partners in changing the face of mechanised farming in Nigeria.

Toyyib, a philanthropist and Graduate of University of Abuja while Zainab is a graduate of Agriculture from University of Lagos.

Toyyib contributes the financial aspect of the partnership while Zainab contributes mainly her expertise, being a graduate of Agriculture.

With its head office in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, Toyzain focuses extensively in:

1. Large scale fish farming for a wide range of fishes which includes catfish species, Croakers, Tilapia etc. from fingerlings to the breeding stages.

2. Cattle rearing and Piggery (animal Husbandry).

3. Poultry – Layers, Broilers, Local Chicken for mass sale.

4. Mass production of animal feeds.

Toyzain boasts of team of experts in agro allied business and they are ever ready to deliver without hassles.

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