8 Ways to Buy Cheap Used Cars in Nigeria

Cars are very important assets and necessity that we human needs as it helps us solve many issuses that requires running down in order to get it done and solved. Although,getting a brand new car might be very expensive, one can still go for a cheap used cars instead and they are not bad afterall.Here […]

Top 10 Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria

After graduation from school, it is very graduate’s heart desires to getting a job immediately and a high paying one for that matter but we all know how hard and difficult getting any job at all in Nigeria is talk more of getting a high paying job which is almost like a camel through the […]

Top 10 Business Ideas One can start up in Nigeria

Today in Nigeria,there is high increase in the rate of unempolyment and poverty. The youths who had the opportunity to go to school and graduate totally hope and depend on white collar jobs to survive on without seeking for a plan B. Unfortunately, with the current situation of Nigeria, the white collar jobs are either […]

5 Best ISP Companies In Nigeria

The internet has really become a very important aspect of our lives , Just a few minutes of poor internet connectivity can not just leave us frustrated but it can also lead to loss of millions of Naria by organisations which make use of the internet for their daily operations. This perfectly explains why it […]

How to clear E16 Error on DSTV

Nigeria has been providing power packed 24 hours entertainnent to Nigerians as far back as 1994. Currently, the company has over 8 millions subscribers and customers dispersed all over the 36 states of the country. There are numerous affordable and eye catching packages available on the DSTV platforms. DSTV packages include compact family, premium, compact […]

DSTV Remote Control: How to get a replacement

It is not doubt and no argument that DSTV is leading satellite television service provider and has the highest number of clients and subscribers among others providing similar services in Africa, with over 8 million subscribers;  Nigeria and South Africa being the highest. Are you one of their customers or subscribers? Did you misplaced your […]

7 Things to consider before buying any new electronic gadget

It is not a doubt that we can obiviously do without electronics gadget anywhere around the world now. Electronics gadgets are very much needed in our lives and activities , as it makes work eaiser for us and less stressful. So whenever  we want buy electronics gadgets we have to consider somethings before we proceed […]

How to burn down excess fat in the body

Most times, a lot of people accumulate a lot of excess fat in their body system without them knowing the implications and dangers of such fats in the body.  These excess fats tend to cause so many health issues and diseases. Excess fat can also make one to loose fit and shape and also make […]

Biography of Big Brother Naija Housemate Khafi

Khaafi Kareem Bbnajia 2019 Profile Name: Khafi Kareem Age: 29years Nationality : Nigerian State of Origin : Ekiti State Place of residence : London, UK Martial Status : Single Occupation : Police officer Instagram handle : @acupofkhafi Khafi Kareem is a London metropolitan police officer who was born in the year, 1990.  She is a […]

Top 5 Richest Musicians in Africa 2019

Today, I will be sharing a content about the top 5 richest musicians in Africa. Below is a list;   1. Akon : Born as Aliaume Damala Badagry Akon Thiam in the year April 16th, 1978 is an African American Singer, Songwriter, producer, entrepreneur,philanthropist and actor. Populary known by his stage name Akon is said […]