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List of Universities in Nigeria and their year of Establishment

In the list of universities in Nigeria, contents101 will categorize the list according to federal universities in Nigeria, State universities in Nigeria and private universities in Nigeria. There are 44 federal Universities in Nigeria, 48 state universities in Nigeria and 79 private universities in Nigeria. While the Federal Universities are owned and funded by the […]

DPR:History, Functions and other details

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) was established to oversee exploration and importation as well as safety and other regulations of petroleum products. DPR was established under the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources(FMPR). The Department of Petroleum Resources is headed by a director. History of Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) The Department of Petroleum Resources […]

Top 5 Music Download sites in Nigeria

Music, they say is life and a food to the soul. Many people love music most especially good music and we listen to music for so many reasons like celebration, ceremonies, meditation and a lot more and trust me we Nigerians are not left out in among the people that loves music we are die-hard […]

Top 5 best Banks in Nigeria

There are over 20 banks in Nigeria being regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Sometimes we wonder which bank is the best Bank in Nigeria and why is it the best Bank in Nigeria. Here in Nigeria, we can’t really say which bank is best bank to bank with but they are definitely some […]

Top 10 Richest states in Nigeria 2020

Nigeria is an independent country with 36 states that is blessed with natural resources. Most especially with oil but among these states there are some of them that are richer and blessed than the others not because these states are considered as the oil producing states but because they have a busy and high economic […]

Top 10 most developed countries in Africa

Africa is beautiful. Africa is rich natural resources and tourist centers and reserve. Though, most African countries today are referred to as either developing or under developed countries, there are African countries that have attained a certain height of development. Contents.com.ng will will highlight top 10 developed countries in Africa according to Human Development Index(HDI) […]