5 Dangerous Foods Nigerians Eat Everyday

Food is an essential part of our existence as a living organism. However, some of the food we eat could be the end of our existence on earth. Some of the food we eat are not really dangerous but the excess consumption of the food could pose great danger to our health. Below are 5 dangerous foods nigerians eat everyday

5. Salt

Salt is is a mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride. It is one of the most commonly used food ingredient in Nigeria. Excess intake of salt in the body can lead to cancer, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

4. Sugar

Sugar is one of the most widely consumed food commodity in Nigeria. This is because sugar and its products are in almost everything we eat starting with drinks, beverages, and lots more. Sugar when consumed in excess can cause diabetes, weight gain, high chances of heart disease, acne, cancer, fatty liver and accelerated aging process.

3. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is commonly used in Nigeria as spices in stew and soups. Just like ever other food Nutmeg when consumed in excess could be dangerous for our health. Nutmeg is known to get an individual high. Nutmeg when consumed in excess could cause nausea, shock, atoms spasms, hallucinations, dry mouth, fever and vomiting.

2. Cassava

Cassava is one of the most extensively cultivated food crop in Nigeria. It is used for different purposes ranging from garri to cassava starch. Though cassava is very widely consumed in Nigeria it posses some danger to its consumers. Cassava if not properly processed contains cyanide(cyanide poison) if consumed is very dangerous and in some cases cause death.

1. Cashew

Cashew is one of the major cash crop in Nigeria. The succulent part of the fruit as well as the nuts are edible( though the nuts must be roasted). Cashew is reported to cause anaphylaxis especially in children allergic to cashew. It influences weight gain.

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