How To Pay For DSTV/GOTV Subscription Online

Dstv and Gotv have made subscription so easy that you can now subscribe in the comfort of your home. This however, is a deviation from the usual retail outlets or paying at the bank as it has always been known for.

Numerous platform now abound through which your subscription can be made without having to go through many stress. This article may not be able to cover all in details but we can assure you that the ones that would be discuss here are the easiest and fastest. Also, most of these options only allows you to make payment using your mobile phone or PC .

How To Make Payment Using Easy Service

  1. Visit dstv eazy service payment page.
  2. Nigeria will be already chosen as your country. You can change that if not from Nigeria using the drop-down menu.
  3. Input the smartcard number of the decoder you want to recharge or pay for.
  4. Enter the captcha text and hit the Verify button.
  5. Once account has been verified and click/tap on View Balance and Pay.
  6. You will be redirected to payment summary page that contains date and amount due for payment.
  7. Click/tap on Pay.
  8. You will then be shown payment subscription page that contains information about the account owner

How To Recharge Gotv/DSTV Using Quick Teller

This methods allows you to renew your subscription using the quick teller link. And after payment, it usually doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for your gotv to be reconnected back to the server.

  1. Switch your decoder on if your account has already been disconnected
  2. Log on to and select the gotv banquet of your choice.
  3. Enter your email address , IUC number and enter your mobile phone number
  4. Click next
  5. Enter the gotv subscriber name and make sure your IUC number was filled correctly
  6. Click pay and click on your debit card. Type I.e. interswitch, verve or master card.
  7. Enter your card details, I.e, card number, expiry date and your four digit code.
  8. Click pay. Immediately your payment has been confirmed, your gotv would be reconnected back to the server that enables you access to view the multiple channels you subscribed for.

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