Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Not Loosing Weight

Many have been working out to enable them loose weight. You might have tried so many exercise,skiped and avoided some meal up to no avail. The question now is why are you not loosing weight despite all your efforts. Below are the top 5 reasons why you are not loosing weight.

5. Your Mind:
We all know the power of the mind and how our thoughts can affect our body chemistry. Most times when you intend to loose weight you adopt eating light foods. This decision conditions your mind that what ever you eat is light thus you go hungry often no matter what you eat. This is often accompanied by you eating more often, most times four to six times daily.

4. Your Eating Habit
If you really want to loose weight then you have to moderate the way you eat your food. Scampering and rushing your food because of time can impede your chances of loosing weight. Eating slowly and enjoying your food enables your body to know your stomach is full rather than rushing your food which make you exceed your limit before realising it.

3. Your Food
Most times when you workout to loose weight you avoid some food and eat the ones you tag as healthy food. Eating too much of any food even the ones you refer to as healthy could be bad for you and could be a barrier to your loosing weight

2. Your Workout
Like they say, too much of everything is bad. The same is applicable to your workout. Most times we put much effort on our workout than to other factors. Excessive workout will lead to fatique and higher exhaustion of calories, this implies that you eat more than you should to replace the worn out calories.Sticking to the exact same routine is also problematic
because your body will adapt to the exercise. This means the same workout that once led to success may no longer be

1. You Skip Meal
Some persons assume that skipping meal will enable them loose weight. However skipping meal especially breakfast, is one of the reasons why you are not loosing weight. research suggests those who eat
breakfast may be less likely to gain weight in the future. Missing a meal will only leave you starving, increasing your chances of overeating later in the day.

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