Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is a specie in the onion genus, Allium. It is common in almost all parts of Nigeria. It is mostly used as a food seasoning as most people do not like the smell that comes from taking it raw. However, what they fail to recognize is that apart from the unique taste garlic gives a meal, there are plenty of benefits accrued by taking it raw.

The presence of sulphur- containing compounds such as allicin, allyl sulphides and others makes garlic a necessary daily consumption for healthy living as they have effect on the circulatory, digestive and immune systems of the body. What are the health benefits of garlic.

1. Prevents cancer:

Due to allyl sulphide found in garlic which has anti cancer property, garlic has been proven to serve as a natural deterrent to cancer and also helps the body fight against it in cancer patients.

2. Prevents respiratory problems: Consistent intake of garlic reduces cold and also the anti bacterial properties helps in treating throat irritations.

3. Purifies the blood:

Garlic contains anti oxidant properties. It then means that taking garlic regularly is one of the best way to cleanse the blood thereby making one healthy.

4. Helps in treating infections:

Garlic is known to contain anti bacterial and anti viral properties. So, consistently taking garlic helps in fighting off infections which are mostly caused by bacteria and virus.

5. Prevents heart disease:

Garlic helps protect the heart against cardiovascular problems. This is because, garlic helps to lower cholesterol levels and helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels thereby keeping the heart healthy.

6. Treat skin infections:

Garlic is also medicinal in treating skin infections. The anti fungal property found in garlic helps treat fungal skin infections such as ringworm.

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