Top Five Wedding Blogs In Nigeria

Weddings in Nigeria has always been a well celebrated event as most tend to take this as the biggest day in their lives. However, during this age of technology, the world have taken wedding ceremonies to a higher level and Nigeria isn’t left out.

So many people are coming up with ideas to ensure that wedding ceremonies become a day that people never forget. The idea of wedding blogs is part of the plan of giving people the wedding ceremonies of their dreams.

Are you looking to make your wedding popular or you need tips on how to go about your wedding, what are the top five wedding blogs in Nigeria.

1. My Wedding Nigeria:

This is a popular blog that gives couples the right publicity and could provide other services such as giving of wedding tips, showcasing styles, proposing wedding locations, handle pictures in wedding ceremonies and also recommend vendors for weddings. Their website is: .

2. Wedding Digest Naija:

This blog updates followers on the hottest wedding trends and choices on their blog. You can also get aso-ebi styles, wedding dresses, wedding resources and even celebrity relationship news on the blog. Their website is: .

3. Nigeria Wedding Blog:

This blog provides couples with much resources as they give updated info on fashion and style choices, wedding showcases, bridal train outfit, pre wedding shoot,cake ideas and also recommend event vendors. You can contact them on: .

4. Wedding Feferity:

What makes Wedding Feferity unique is that they organize seminars for intending couples aside from other popular services they render. They also offer professional pre wedding shoot and fashion trends. Their website is: .

5. Nigeria Weddings Guide:

This blog offers intending couples wedding services like photography, choice of wedding locations and wedding planning. To contact them, visit: .

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