GLO Data plans 2019: Bundles and Subscription code

GLO is one of the best and biggest telecommunication companies here in Nigeria. The GLO services is known to be fast as far as their network signal is around your area and one amazing fact that I love about GLO data offers is that they give their subscribers so many bonuses on every subscriptions you purchase.

In this article, I will be teaching you about what you need to know about GLO data bundles and how to subscribe l using the right code, this will contain the procedures and steps on how you can access these mouthwatering data bundles,their prices, duration and others. GLO NG offered you as their subscribers both day, night and weekend data bundles. They also offer Dara bundles for daily,monthly,weekly uses which can be used for both internet and social media platforms.

The general code for accessing the purchase of GLO data bundles is *777# , so if you’re a GLO user quickly dail *777# to get started and enjoy their unlimited data plans.

So now, I will be explaining in details on how these data bundles works;

1. Mini plans

Under the Mini plans, we have the following data bundles;

• Amount:#25, Data:49.5MB + 15% bonus, Duration:1day

• Amount:#50, Data:22.5Mb + 15% bonus, Duration:1day

• Amount:#100, Data:92Mb + 15% bonus, Duration:2days

• Amount:#200, Data242Mb + 15% bonus, Duration:4days

• Amount:#500, Data:920Mb + 15% bonus, Duration:14days

2. Monthly plans

• Amount:#1000, Data:1.84GB + 25% bonus, Duration:30days

• Amount:#2000, Data:4.5GB + 25% bonus, Duration:30days

• Amount:#2500, Data:7.2GB + 25% bonus, Duration:30days

NB: If you are using GLO oga SIM you will get 125% bonus on this monthly plan.

3. Mega plans

• Amount:#10000, Data:32.5GB + 25% bonus, Duration:30days

• Amount:#15000, Data:52.5GB + 25% bonus, Duration:30days

• Amount:#18000, Data:62.5GB + 25% bonus, Duration:30days

• Amount:#20000, Data:78.7GB + 25% bonus, Duration:30days

NB: GLO Oga SIM still gets 125% bonus on this offer

4. Special Data Offer

I. Daily offer

• Amount:#300, Data:1GB, Duration:1day

• Amount:#500, Data:2GB, Duration:1day

II. Campus Booster

•  Amount:#100, Data:100MB +125MB on campus +100 airtime+ 25MB to Gift, Duration:2days

• Amount:#200, Data:200MB +250MB on campus +200 airtime+ 50MB to Gift, Duration:4days

• Amount:#500, Data:500MB +625MB on campus +500 airtime+ 125MB to Gift, Duration:7days

• Amount:#1000, Data:1GB +1.25GB on campus +1000 airtime+ 250MB to Gift, Duration:15days

• Amount:#2000, Data:2GB +2.5GB on campus +2000 airtime , Duration:30days

• Amount:#5000, Data:5GB +6.25GB on campus +5000 airtime, Duration:30days

5. Data Booster

• Amount:#200, Data:300MB, Duration:Daily or weekly plan data booster depending

• Amount:#500, Data:1GB, Duration:Monthly plan data booster

6. Night and Weekend plans

• Amount:#200, Data:1GB, Duration:1day (12am-5am)

• Amount:#500, Data:3GB, Duration:1 weekend (SAT – SUN)


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