Why Most Young Working Class Nigerian Bachelors are Broke

It seems a little awakard and strange when I see or hear about a working class young Nigerian bachelor broke, because he shouldn’t be broke since he is working and has a lesser responsiblilty to take care of.  A bachelor isn’t married neither does he has kids, so I don’t know what on earth could be sucking a working class Nigerian bachelor’s money. In this article,  I will be pointing out reasons and causes why most young working class bachelors in Nigeria are usually broke :

1. The Flashy Lifestyle:

This is a very common and familiar kind of lifestyle seen around young thriving bachelors today. A young working class bachelor would love to drive an expensive car, live in the most expensive and well furnished beautiful rented apartment and so many other expensive things. Owning all these expensive stuffs and properties ends up being a big issue for them to maintain that type of lifestyle that they are into. So at the end of the day ,they might end up borrowing loans from the banks or their offices just to pay up their acquired debts using almost all of their salaries.

2. Spending lavishly with no saving culture:

Most working bachelors hardly cultivate the habit of saving,they just spend their money anyhow they feel like without a proper planning on how they should spend their money. As a bachelor, just because you feel that you have a lesser or no responsibility at all doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn how to save for future use.

3. Life of the Party:

Most young working Bachelors in Nigeria spend a lot of their money on partying, drinking,clubbing, smoking, traveling unnecessary and so many more etc. At the end of the day, they will find themselves being broke because money they could have saved or reserved for much more important things have been uselessly been spend on reckless lifestyle.

4. Family Pressure:

Here in Nigeria, it is expected that once a child starts working that he/she is expected to be sending something back home to his family members most especially his parents and younger ones. So at times the dependence of one’s family members on one for some cash might end up draining one’s pocket if it is extreme thereby leaving the person broke all the time. As a young bachelor sending money to your parents at home is not bad but you should save first before giving out.

5. Women and Fashion:

 It is very common that most young working class bachelors indulge in womanizing and always trying to look good to impress these women. But all these bad habits are very expensive to maintain and these days the price of commodities is even much higher than it used to be. Some women are wiser and smarter than most men and they will always demand from you one thing or the other and while trying to  impress and provide all of their demands, you as a bachelor might end up spending all the money you got while trying to please them.

Other causes that could make a young working class bachelor go broke could be peer group influence ,further education etc.

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