How to get free tinted glass permit

Getting a tinted glass for your car window is free in Nigeria but then you will be needing a permit  from the police to avoid being embarrassed/ suspected by them.

So for you to be driving around freely with your tinted glass window you need to be issued a permit or less you can be pulled over at any time and your vehicle will be impounded apart from that you may even be required to pay a fee.

Below are steps to follow in order to acquire a tinted glass permit in Nigeria

1. Visit their website at

2. Fill in the necessary information and details and click on submit

3. You will be provided with a login password but you can change to your preferred choice afterwards

4. You need to scan some documents e. g proof of car ownership , drivers license and co

5. Complete the correct details of your car and input your insurance number then upload those documents in the portal provided.

6. Click on submit and print out the page.

7. Take the print out form to the nearest police headquarters within your area.

8. Tender your print out and some biometrics vertification will be carried on you which includes; face and finger print capturing etc, this exercise will be probably be done in the ICT department of the police headquarter.

9. A copy of your print out form with an inscription : Under processing with signature and date will be given back to you.

10. You can log in to your portal regularly to be monitoring and see if your permit has been approved.

NB: Normally the cost of getting a tinted glass permit should be free but sometimes you might be charged a sum of 20,000 – 30,000 to acquire one in Nigeria. And again this particularly permit is only issued to cars with factory fired tinted windows.

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