How to apply for Google Adsense

Most people sometimes thinks that they can start earning from their blogging sites once they have created. However, that’s not true, because you can’t just earning immediately from the blog without going through the necessary process of monetizing the site first.

As a new blogger, you need to apply for Google Adsense on your blog before you can start making a living from it. I know some new or intending bloggers might be asking what does this Google Adsense means? Google Adsense is one of best ad network of montenizing your blog in order for you to generate revenue for traffic on your blog.

To Google Adsense on your blog isn’t an easy one as you will be needing to get an approval from Google first before you will be allowed to monetize your blog and this is where a lot of blogger fail, simply because they fail to reach the basic requirement that is being required before you can get Google Adsense approval.

The following are the steps and procedures you need to take in order to reach requirements for the approval :

1. Write high quality content :

This is where so many bloggers fail because it seems that most of them nowadays are doing copy and paste of other people’s work. As a blogger who wants to earn from blogging, you should learn how to write high quality content; something that should be different from the others and for you to be able to do so you need to be creative and always thinks of new things to write on.  If you can’t actually do that maybe you can attend some content creation classes or hire someone you can do that for you but make sure that your contents are of high qualities.

2. Have sufficient content or post : You can’t just create a blog and expect to earn from it without having any content or post on the blog site and that same way you can’t get approval from Google Adsense to monetize your blog if you don’t have enough content.  For you to easily get approval for Google Adsense you must have up to 15-30 content at least.

3. To get a Google Adsense approval your blog domain name must be at least 6 months old which means that you must have owned the site for at least 6 months and also let your blog site bear a root domain name e.g(

4. For you to easily get Adsense approval, it is advisable for you to pay a close attention on the type of blog/content niche you decide to focus on and also you have to decide on how to structure your blog site including it’s designs and arrangement. This really shows that you are serious about get an Adsense approval.

5. It is also advisable that you search and check to see that your blog site is not blocked on Google that means that when you search for it and you don’t find it that means that it is blocked.

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