Top 10 most peaceful countries in Africa

Despite the fact that people say that there is no peaceful country, Some countries tend to me more peaceful than others. Considering safety and security, domestic and international conflict and degree of militarization Global Peace index ranked countries like Botswana, Ghana, Zambia and so in amongst the top ten most peaceful countries in Africa.

Here is a full list of top 10 most peaceful countries in Africa.

1. Mauritius (1.606)

Mauritius is located in an island in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is a popular tourist country because of its beaches m, lagoons and reefs. Mauritius is the most peaceful country in Africa and the 25th most peaceful country in the world

2. Botswana (1.676)

Botswana is located in the Southern part of Africa. Despite high rate of homicide in Botswana, Botswana has a stable but unequal peace. According to Global Peace Index, Botswana is the most peaceful country in South Africa and the second most peaceful country in Africa.

3. Malawi (1.728)

Malawi is located in the South Eastern part of Africa. Malawi has been on top of the chart since 2010 as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa.

4. Ghana (1.796)

Ghana is located in the western part of Africa. Ghana is considered the most peaceful country in west Africa. Despite communal crisis among other crisis in Ghana, it is considered a haven of peace and a beacon of democracy in Africa

5. Zambia (1.805)

Zambia is located in the Southern part of Africa. Zambia is popularly for its wildlife as well as parks and safari areas. Zambia, unlike most of its neighbours, has managed to avoid the war and upheaval that has marked much of Africa.

6. Sierra Leone (1.822)

Sierra Leone is a country in west Africa along the coasts of Atlantic Ocean. Sierra Leone is popular for its white sand beaches. After the Sierra Leone civil war in 2002, Sierra Leone has embraced peace and has been a symbol of peace in Africa

7. Tanzania (1.860)

Tanzania is located in the Eastern part of Africa. It’s popular for its vast wilderness area which includes, National parks, safari and game reserves. Tanzania is the most peaceful country in East Africa.

8. Senegal (1.883)

Senegal is a French speaking country located in West Africa. Senegal is considered one of Africa’s long model of democracy. Senegal is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa

9. Liberia (1.889)

Liberia is a country in western part of Africa. Though many of the root causes of Liberia’s conflict remain unaddressed, Liberia has made a remarkable peace gain over the last 14 years.

10. Namibia (1.892)

Namibia is located in South Western region of Africa. Namibia recognises the need to promote peace, tolerance, inclusion, understanding and solidarity.

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