Wema Bank Cardless withdrawal: How to get cash from the ATM

Wema Bank customers can easily withdraw cash from any ATM machine without the ATM card. How can a Wema Bank customer withdraw money from the ATM without the ATM card? You can withdraw money from your Wema bank account without an ATM card using the Wema Bank USSD Transfer Code and the Wema Bank ALAT app.

  • How to withdraw money without ATM using Wema Bank USSD Transfer Code

  • Wema Bank Cardless withdrawal is known as Cash on the Go. It’s fast and secure. Here is how to withdraw money without the ATM card using the USSD transfer code.

    • Dial *945#
    • Select 8 that is cash on the go
    • Generate the withdrawal code by following the command prompt
    • Proceed to any Wema bank ATM and withdraw your cash
  • How to withdraw money without ATM using Wema Bank ALAT App

  • To withdraw money from Wema bank ATM without ATM card using Wema Bank alert App.

    • Log on to your Wema ALAT mobile app using your username and password
    • Click on send money
    • Click on ATM Cardless Transfer
    • Fill in the form that will display on your screen correctly
    • Enter the ALAT pin
    • A pay code will be sent to you via email
    • Visit a nearby ATM and make your withdrawal

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