Biography of Ferdinand Waititu

Waititu Biography and impeachment

Ferdinand Ndungu Waititu was born on January 1,1962. He was the governor of Kiambu County, Kenya before he was impeached on 19th December, 2019. Governor Waititu was a member of the Kenyan Parliament for Kabete Constituency and assistant minister for Water Services and Irrigation in the government of Kenya. He is a member of Jubilee Party Kenya.

Educational Background

Waititu attended Dagoretti High School, where he graduated in 1981 with Kenya Certificate of Education. Waititu got admission into Technical University of Kenya. In 1991, Waititu got a degree in commerce from Siri Guru College, Punjab.


Waititu has been arrested several times for political activism and hate speech. In 2012 he was suspended from office over hate speech and inciting violence. In 2014, High Court declared Waititu unfit to hold public offices, he was however elected Member of the Parliament in 2015.

He later declared interest to run against the incumbent governor Hon. William Kabogo in the next general election. In August 2017, he was elected as jubilee Party nominee defeating the incumbent governor Hon. Kabogo.

Waititu Impeachment

Governor Waititu was impeached by the Kaimbu County Assembly for alleged corruption, gross misconduct and gross violation of the constitution in December 19, 2019

On January 28, 2020, Waititu denied accusations against him at the Kenyan Senate during a two day special sitting to investigate the validity of the charges that led to his impeachment by the Kiambu County Assembly.

Waititu during the seating pleaded with the senate not to punish him for the sins of his relatives. He also debunked claims that her daughter was found with KSH100 million.

He urged the Senate to squash the impeachment.

Personal Life

Waititu is married to Susan Ndung’u. Together they have three children.

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