How to Borrow data from glo

Do you know that you can borrow data from glo when you run out of data. Glo introduced the BorrowMeData to ensure eligible customers to borrow data when they don’t have enough airtime to buy data when they run out of data.

You can borrow a maximum of 2gb data using BorrowMeData. Other data plan available are 30MB, 60MB and 200MB. The data available to be borrowed depends on your subscription plan.

Eligibility for glo BorrowMeData

To be eligible to borrow data on glo, you must,

  • have a registered glo sim card
  • Must have used the sim card for up-to 3months
  • Must be subscribing for glo data on the sim card

Glo BorrowMeData Code

The glo BorrowMeData code is *321# and follow the command prompt.

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