How to get rid of body odour

Body odour or Bromhidrosis happens at puberty because of increasing hormones called androgens. These hormones are not active until puberty. What majorly causes body odour is when sweat meets the bacteria on the surface of your skin, it produces an odor.

This is as a result of bacteria breakdown of keratin protein on the surface of your skin. While body odor is usually associated with the armpits, bacteria can also produce odour in the groin, anus area, upper thighs, and feet, among other places.

To prevent body odour, just maintain proper hygiene such as washing well and applying an underarm antiperspirant or deodorant. However, if you realize you have body odour, here is how to get rid of body odour:

1. Apply an antiperspirant at bedtime

This will allow the product a chance to work while you sleep and are not sweating. Antiperspirants are chemical agents that reduce sweating. Many antiperspirant preparations also contain a deodorant, which helps to reduce the smell of sweat. Check the product you use to make sure it contains an antiperspirant. You can as well use during the day but you must note that antiperspirants do not prevent sweating. They mainly reduce the smell of the sweat on your skin.

2. Use a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to fight body odor

Use 1 teaspoon of peroxide to 1 cup of water. Wipe this on affected areas such as underarm, feet, groin with a washcloth. This may help destroy some of the bacteria that creates odour

3. Shave properly

Shave your underarm regularly as this will help prevent the accumulation of bacteria and can reduce sweat and odour.

4. Work Out

When you work out and sweat a lot, which then causes body odour, ensure to wash your workout clothes often. Sweaty gym clothes are a bacteria-breeding ground.

5. Try to keep your underarms dry.

This is because bacteria find it hard breeding in dry areas of the body.

6. In some cases, you will have to change your die.

Sometimes, fatty foods, oils, or strong-smelling foods such as garlic, curry, and onions, can seep through your pores and cause body odour. Try to always see a doctor or dietician before making drastic dietary changes.

7. If you have excessive sweating called hyperhidrosis, talk to your doctor

There are a few treatment options for those with more severe sweating who might require more severe treatments. Also, certain medical problems can lead to excessive sweating such as diabetes. Your doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

8. Bath regularly

Bath regularly with soap and ensure you thoroughly dry your body after every bath.



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