How to make yourself sexy

Looking sexy has today thrown young ladies into a life of depression, competition and low self esteem. Everyone thinks there need to be that perfect body shape in order for them to look sexy. However, it will interest you to know that in order to look sexy outwardly, you must first have the perfect image of yourself.

To some, looking sexy implies looking like the hottest lady they admire and so when they stand in the mirror, instead of seeking for the best version of themselves, they are seeking for the version of someone else. You must understand that everyone can be sexy in their own way.

This goes to say that you have to accept yourself just the way you are and never compare yourself to anyone else. This is the beginning of you looking sexy. However, there are additional tips on how to look the best version of yourself.

1. Wear fitted clothes:

As a lady, you must learn to wear ‘body hug’ dresses and clothes that go with your body type. For example, baggy clothes on ladies do not reveal their sexiness. You must learn to dress to the best of your ability undermining the occasion. Always look your best.  People don’t have bad bodies, what they have are ill fitted clothes. However, you must note that, dressing beautifully does not imply that you should dress scantily. Don’t be deceived, there is nothing sexy in looking scantily dressed.

2. Get the right walking step:

As a lady, you must learn how to walk beautifully and slowly. Some ladies literally ‘run’ while they walk. It shouldn’t be so. Walk in a confident way. Own your steps. Don’t rush except you’re in a hurry. Carry yourself with a bodily charisma and see how sexy you become. Also, try learning how to walk on heels.

3. Accept your imperfections:

There may be one or two things in your body that you may not like and wish to change. This does not however mean, it should make you feel less of yourself. You may not have the perfect shape, but then when you come to terms with your bodily imperfections even before seeking to change it, it becomes easier for you to carry that sexy aura wherever you go. In a case whereby you find yourself uncomfortable in your own skin, then even with the nicest of dress on you, your self esteem won’t allow you appreciate the way you look.

Another thing accepting your imperfections does is that, when people may want to male fun of you with it, it doesn’t stick to you. You can try looking at the mirror from time to time and appreciate those things you feel you don’t like about yourself. You’ll be surprised to sew how many people will begin to love that same thing about you. Remember, you were made by a perfect Creator.

4. Take care of yourself:

As a lady, you must learn to take care of your body. Try getting quality skin and hair products as well as a good perfume. This goes a long way in enhancing your sexiness. Don’t leave your body to chance. As for perfumes, go for strong feminine ones. They have the ability of changing the atmosphere when you step into a place.  While you don’t need to empty your account to look nice, you must try to invest in looking nice. Remember, looking good is a good business.

5. Develop your mind:

Trust me, there is sexiness in intelligence. You must not just be beautiful outwardly but inwardly too. Don’t be a beauty without brain as your outward sexiness may fade off sooner than you think. But with an intelligent mind, you can remain sexy for as long as. Therefore, take out time to know something new every day. This can go a long way in your conversations with people as well.

6. Practice good eye contact:

While holding conversations with people, ensure to maintain eye contact with them. This gives a sense of boldness and confidence and there is much sexy in that.


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