How to get a Fuller Breast

Every lady out there wishes to have the perfect body shape and this includes getting a full breast. While it is stressful to have very big and full breast, having a very small breast could result to low self esteem in some ladies and also doesn’t give them the appropriate fitting in dressings.

However, if you are a young lady, your breasts might not have attained yet full- sized growth. Puberty is a factor that affects people differently. While you may feel your breasts have reached full size in matters pertaining development, they can naturally grow well later in life. But if you feel that it has attained that full-sized growth and is still small, there are things you can do to enhance the breast size without having to go for surgery.

1. Maintain a good posture:

Breasts appear smaller than they actually are when one makes a slumped or slouched posture. For an instant boost to your bust line, simply straighten up! Stand up straight, hold your head high, and draw your shoulders back. Keep your neck straight up-and-down; don’t let it slide forward. Push your chest out gently as you stand and walk. You may be surprised to see that your breast isn’t as small as you think.

2. Wear the right bra size:

Too big or too small bra size could give the wrong impression on the size of your breasts. To therefore have a fuller breast, you must ensure that the bras you wear are your exact size. You can as well go for padded and push-up bras. This is the fastest way to give your breasts that fuller look on a dress.

3. Go for breast massage:

It is possible to increase the breast size by massaging the breasts with proper technique. You can opt to do this with the use of special oils, creams, or gadgets to encourage growth. You must however note that, this is yet to be proven scientifically. Nevertheless, this may feel good and lead to relaxation, which can cause an improvement in mood and posture.

4. Try to gain more weight:

Thin people mostly have smaller breasts. You can add to your breast size by generally increasing your weight. Breasts are comprised primarily of fatty connective tissue. So, going on a diet to increase fat could consequently increase breast size.  But you must do this with caution so you don’t end up battling with the problem of overweight after gaining a fuller breast. You can choose to increase your calorie intake moderately for a week or two, then judge your results to see if there was any change.

5. Medications:

Medically, there are drugs which can aid breast increase such as birth control pills and you can as well go for estrogen and progesterone therapy. However, these may come with side effects. If you desire to go with this method, you must ensure to talk to a qualified doctor.

6. Exercise:

Although, exercise is done in order to reduce weight and also enhance body fitness, exercises that focuses on the back and shoulders can help improve your body posture giving your breast a perky look.

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