How to train your voice

The place of training in getting and maintaining a great voice cannot be underrated. Even the best of voices need training to remain so. It therefore follows, that in the place of getting, maintaining and enhancing your voice, there are certain things you must take note of. Here we’ve listed out some tips that are helpful in voice training.

1. Do vocal exercises:

Just like there are body exercises to keep the body fit, there are also vocal exercises to keep your voice fit. Breath control is one of such exercise in training your voice. This helps also while singing to maintain notes. Apart from breath control exercise, you should always practice singing the sol-fa notes, as this can help you in pitching rightly.

2. Avoid stressing the voice:

To maintain or enhance your voice, you must try not to stress the voice through shouting, screaming and also whispering. In cases whereby you’ve stressed the voice especially after singing a high pitch, avoid using the voice for singing for some time. Give the voice time to rest before using it again.

3. Make singing your hobby:

In order to train your voice, you must develop a passion for singing. This will fuel your drive to be better and ensure consistency. Sing regularly, sing songs you love, have a favourite singer(s) that you wish to sing like, listen to their songs and practice how they sing.

4. Record your voice:

In training your voice, recording your voice as you sing is very important. This is because, you’re able to hear yourself better, know where you’re making errors, make the necessary corrections and enhance your singing prowess.

5. Stay hydrated:

Drink plenty of fluids as this will keep the vocal folds in your voice box hydrated so they move easily. However, you must avoid alcohol if you’ll be singing soon because alcohol irritates the mucus lining of the throat.

6. Build confidence while singing:

This is very important because without confidence, even the best voice could sound awful. You must learn to sing confidently, projecting your voice as you sing.

7. Have a tutor:

This is highly recommended in voice training. Get a vocal coach that can put you through, correct your mistakes, watch your progress and ensure you do better. You may decide to train in isolation but if you want to be a professional, try getting a coach.

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