United African Republic (UAR) ; Everything you Need to Know

United African Republic UAR

What is UAR?

United African Republic ( UAR) also known as United Alkebulan Republic is a name proposed to House of Representatives by Adeleye Jokotoye, a tax consultant and a member of the committee on the review of the constitution.

He said Nigeria was a name imposed on Nigerians by her colonial masters and the wife of Lord Lugard, Flora Shaw.

According to Mr Jokotoye, the United African Republic or United Alkebula Republic (UAR) will reflect the multi ethnic groups in Nigeria today.

He also proposed changes to the structure of some government agencies in the country.

What is Alkebulan

What is the meaning of Alkebulan

Alkebulan means mother of mankind or garden of Eden. It was the ancient name of Africa. It is the oldest and the only word of indigenous origin.

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Reactions on Changing Nigeria’s name to UAR

Many Nigerians have reacted via their twitter accounts on the plan to change Nigeria’s name to United Africa Republic or United Alkebula Republic (UAR). While some cracked jokes with the proposed plan others spelt out the problems of Nigeria.

Here are the reactions below

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