Tony Kabaka Biography, Real Name, Age, Career and Net Worth

Tony Kabaka Biography

Tony Adun popularly known as Tony Kabaka is a Nigerian cult militia and businessman . He is rumored to be a member of the Black Axe cult group. Tony Kabaka was born on May 2, 1980.

Tony Kabaka Profile


Tony Kabaka

Real Name

Anthony Adun

Date of Birth

May 2, 1980


41 years (2021)

State of Origin

Edo State









Toyin Adun

Net Worth

$2 million

Educational Background

Tony Kabaka Education

Tony Kabaka had his basic education In Benin City, Edo state.


Tony Kabaka Business

Tony Kabaka is a cult militia and businessman. He is regarded as one of the most notorious cultist in Edo state.

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He was an ally of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Edo state and have been instrumental to the party during elections.

He worked as a revenue collector for the Edo state government, commanding hundreds of revenue task force in the state.

Tony Kabaka is the chairman of Akugbe Ventures.

Tony Kabaka was featured on BBC documentary on the activities of Black Axe cultist group in Edo state and Nigeria at large.

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In 2021, Tony Kabaka gave his life to Christ and became a born again Christian.

Tony Kabaka Instagram

Tony Kabaka Instagram handle is @tonykabaka1

Personal Life

Tony Kabaka Wife

Tony Kabaka got married to his wife Toyin Adun in July 2016. He is a christian.

Tony Kabaka Net Worth

Tony Kabaka Net Worth

Tony Kabaka net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

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