Dixie d’amelio Biography 2023

Dixie d’amelio biography 2023

Dixie d'amelio biography 2023

Dixie Jane D’Amelio (August 12, 2001) is an American singer and internet personality who achieved international recognition through the short video platform TikTok . She and her sister Charli are in the rank of most followed people on the platforms. Dixie started her career shortly after Charli gained recognition. She became famous promoting various brands and even dabbled in acting. Until May 2020, she was a member of the creative group The Hype House and in June, she made her musical debut with the single Be Happy . Her second song, One Whole Day , featured a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa. Currently, she is under contract with HitCo Entertainment and United Talent Agency, along with the rest of his family.

Early years ( Dixie d’amelio biography 2023 )

Dixie was born August 12, 2001 in Norwalk. She is the older of two sisters and her parents are Marc and Heidi D’Amelio. Her mother is a former model and photographer and her father was a Republican Senate candidate. Her only sister, Charli , is also a tiktoker and a dancer. From a very young age, she demonstrated a talent for singing and networking, although she came to tiktok after the success of her sister. During her school days she practiced track and field and lacrosse.

Beginnings Instagram

Like Charli, her beginnings in networks were on Instagram , a platform she arrived at in 2015, at the age of fourteen. She then she did not think about becoming a star. She always liked photography and singing, so she soon became popular. Although the first photos of her are not available on the platform, she initially posted about her lifestyle, hobbies and friends of hers and over time began to advertise. Up to now she has collaborated with makeup, personal care, facial, accessories and clothing brands. She frequently appears with her sister or her boyfriend.

Dixie on TikTok and fame

Dixie began posting shortly after her sister, Charli, gained recognition on TikTok. In just a few months, she gained a huge following with her choreography and lip-sync videos. Her popularity was such that in a short time she began to accumulate millions of views on each publication, becoming a phenomenon on the platform. She is currently one of the most followed people on TikTok with 51.7 million followers and more than 2 billion likes.

The Hype House ( Dixie d’amelio biography 2023 )

In late 2019, Dixie and her sister joined the creative group The Hype House, created by Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou and Nick Austin. Other members of the group are: Mia Hayward, Angel Herrera, the Lopez brothers, Kouvr Annon, Madi Monroe, Alex Warren and Jack Wright. Many members have left the group or are inactive. In May 2020, the sisters announced their departure; This was probably motivated by the deception of Hudson, who was Charli’s boyfriend until April of the same year.

Music and Acting ( Dixie d’amelio biography 2023 )

A month after leaving Hype House, Dixie made her singing debut with the release of the single Be Happy. The song was extremely popular and even featured a remix in collaboration with blackbear and Lil Mosey. Currently, Be Happy has more than 105 million views on YouTube and its remix has over 24 million views.

Later, he signed a contract with the HitCo Entertainment label. According to Forbes, by August, Dixie was one of the highest earning tiktokers on the platform. Her second single, One Whole Day with Wiz Khalifa , premiered in December 2020. It currently has more than 31 million views.

Months earlier, Dixie had collaborated with Liam Payne on the song Naughty List . She also had a podcast with her sister ( Charli and Dixie: 2 Chix) and she debuted as an actress participating in the Brat TV series Attaway General .

Dixie D’Amelio Personal Life

Dixie dated TikTok star Griffin Johnson. Her current partner is Noah Beck.

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