Sheik Yusuf Ali Kano Biography, Education, Career, Controversies, And Death

Sheik Yusuf Ali Kano biography

Sheikh Yusuf Ali, also known as Sarkin Malaman Gaya, was a popular Islamic cleric in Kano, Nigeria. He was born in the year 1950 in Juma Maƙera, Gaya Town, Kano, Northern Region. Sheikh Yusuf Ali was associated with the Islamic Sufi group known as the Tijaniyyah in Nigeria. He had a distinguished career and served as the former registrar, Upper Shari’a Court Judge, and director of Upper Shari’a Court in 1974.

Sheikh Yusuf Ali Profile

Name Sarkin Malaman Gaya
Real NameSheik Yusuf Ali Kano
Date of Birth 1950
Date of Death Age5 November 2023 (73 years)
State of Origin Kano State
Nationality Nigerian
Religion Islam
Occupation Former registrar, Upper Shari’a Court Judge, and Director of Upper Shari’a Court in 1974
Marital Status Married
Net Worth $200,000
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Educational Background

Sheik Yusuf Ali Kano educational background

Details about Sheikh Yusuf Ali’s educational background are not available.


Sheik Yusuf Ali Kano career

Sheikh Yusuf Ali had a distinguished career in the field of Islamic jurisprudence and scholarship. Here are some key aspects of his career: Sheikh Yusuf Ali began his career in 1974 as a Sharia Court Scribe. He then climbed through the ranks, holding various positions, including Chief Clerk, Assistant Registrar, Registrar, Upper Sharia Court Judge, and Director at the Upper Sharia Court. His legal career was marked by his dedication to the field of Islamic law and justice.

Throughout his career, Sheikh Yusuf Ali was known for his expertise in Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic teachings. He contributed to the dissemination of Islamic knowledge and played a significant role in educating and guiding people in matters of faith and religion.

Sheikh Yusuf Ali was associated with the Tijaniyyah Sufi group, a prominent Sufi order in Islam. Sufism emphasizes spiritual development, and Tijaniyyah is known for its mystical approach to Islam. Sheikh Yusuf Ali’s involvement with this Sufi group reflects his dedication to Islamic spirituality.

Sheikh Yusuf Ali retired in 2009 after a long and accomplished career in the legal and Islamic fields. Following his retirement, he continued to engage in Islamic teachings, sharing his knowledge and guidance with the community.


Sheik Yusuf Ali Kano controversies

There are no specific controversies or notable controversies about Sheikh Yusuf Ali.

Personal Life

Sheik Yusuf Ali Kano personal life

Sheikh Yusuf Ali was the son of Malam Ali (father) and Hajiya Bilkisu (mother). He was known to have a large family and had 27 children.

Sheikh Yusuf Ali Net Worth

Sheik Yusuf Ali Kano Net worth

Sheikh Yusuf Ali was estimated to be worth around $200,000.


Sheik Yusuf Ali Kano death

Sheikh Yusuf Ali passed away on November 5, 2023, at the age of 73. His funeral rites (Jana’iza) were held at Murtala Mosque, Tudun Maliki quarters. Sheikh Yusuf Ali had a notable career as an Islamic scholar, and his contributions to the field of Islamic teachings and jurisprudence were widely recognized in Kano, Nigeria.

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