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How to grow your hair with rice water

The use of rice water on hair is one of the traditional methods believed to cause hair growth. Although, there is no scientific proof to back up this claim but the nutrients found in it have given rise to the popular theory. Moreover, with no side effects for using, you can decide to try this […]

How to grow a long hair

Growing a long hair is the desire of most ladies. However, due to some factors, your hair may seem not to grow any longer than it already is. Here, you’ll find tips on how to naturally grow your hair and also how to maintain a healthy hair: Massage your scalp: Massaging any part of your […]

How to Grow Long Hair

When you see a lady with natural long hairs what first comes to your mind. While some are born with long hair, others follow a day to day routine to grow their hair. In this article I will be listing 10 routines that one can practice in other to grow natural long hairs. 1. Get frequent […]