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Most populated countries in South America

South America is a sub continent of America. According to United Nations estimated statistics, South America has a population of over 430 million making up 5.53% of the world’s population. The most populated country in South America is Brazil with a population of over 212 million while the least populated is Falkland Island with a […]

Full List of Countries in South America

South America is often times considered as the subcontinent of the Americas. South America occupies the entire southern part of the supercontinent of the Americas. South America is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the northwest and north, Pacific Ocean in the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the northeast, east, and southeast. South America […]

List of counties in the world and their capital

There are 7 continents and 197 countries in the world. The seven continents are Africa,Antarctica , Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, South America and North America. Aside Antarctica the rest of the six continents are habitable The quality of life differs in each of these countries. While Africa is the less economically developed continent, Europe […]