How To Start A Football Viewing Center

It is a common thing among the male folks; they so much love soccer to the extent they are so loyal to either to the blues, gunners and so many of them. Sometimes they wish they could be present in some of these football matches, but as much as they like football most of them still cannot afford to buy a DSTV or have cash to always subscribe to a cable network TV. 

A simple way to solve this is by starting a football viewing centre in Nigeria . Take for example; just imagine you own a football viewing centre that has a sitting capcity of about 300 and for each football match your customers pay between 50-100 Naria per match which is way cheaper than subscribing or buying a cable network TV and in return multiplying the number of the customers plus the fee they pay might reach up to 25000-30000 per match. Wow that’s interesting. 

Now that you know that one can make a lot of profit from establishing a football viewing centre in Nigeria. Do you wish to start your own football viewing centre where you can generate a monthly profit of at least #40000 but don’t know how to go about it.  Don’t worry just sit and read through as I will be showing you how you can start your own. 

What you need to start a football viewing centre 

You will be needing the following items and equipment when starting up newly 

• Wooden bench

• Carpet

• Standing fan/ ceiling fan or air conditioner 

• Air freshener 

• A good generator and possibly a UPS in case of power outage to keep the TV running 

• Cable network TV with monthly subscription (most preferably DSTV cable) 

• Two big Television set with high resolution or projectors

• Bulbs

• Extension sockets 

• A refrigerator just in case you want to include an extra source income by selling cold drinks 

• A printed ticket or coupons to be issued to your paid customers 


Here is a simple business plan template for starting a football viewing centre 

Plan to get a good and ideal location. One that is big and spacious enough to take up to 100-300 sitting capcity and also a strategic location that is easy to locate.

Make sure to set up the equipment with the necessary and compulsory equipments such as a wooden/plastic chairs. Ensure that the room is well ventilated so that customers can always feel comfortable watching the matches. You can add a nice touch of some sports turf. 


Management tips for running a viewing centre

• Get a blackboard or notice board outside your football centre to write out and update about all upcoming matches for the day.

• You can also start some other businesses in your football centre e.g selling of foods, recharge card vouchers etc and you can always get someone else to do that if you can’t 

• Once in a while you can do bonanazas or produce T-shirts that bears the name of your viewing centre printed on it and offer it to your customers. Be smart and creative. 

Always remember to treat your customers with respect

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