Top Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria

Car tracking device installed in your car isn’t a bad idea rather it is a good idea because such device will help reduce the rate of car theft or even if your car got stolen or lost with this car tracker you will be able to find the back.  

Here is a list of top car tracking companies that you can hook up to install the device for you in your car :

1. Philux International’s car tracking device :

Philux International’s car tracking device is widely known among individuals and corporate organizations.They employ cutting edge automated car tracking and fleet management technology in order to satisfy their customers and they are responsive in adapting their customers’ feedback into improving their products and services.

2. V – Dile Solutions Ltd :

This company was founded in 2008 and established in ikeja, Lagos. This company has a high professional technologist and engineers that has been providing effective car tracker that satisfies their customers over the years.

3. Olive Track Ltd :

This car tracking company combines both GPS and GSM telechnologies for their car trackers which allows car owners to receive and transmit the right data and detail needed to see the location of the vehicle in real time . The amazing and interesting feature of this company is that their service also comes with the geo fence alert which tells you when your car leaves your preferential location.

4. GPS Car Tracking Service :

This company  provide a technology of GPS tracking device that helps and enables you to find the exact location of your car immediately. Your phone or computer can also be used to get information about your car. The company offers asset tracking service which helps you track your cargo carrying vehicle.

5. Envoy Car – Tracking :

Envoy Car-Tracking combines GPRS, GSM and GPS technologies together to produce a perfect and more effective car tracking device. Aside from car tracking devices the company also supplies a range of devices from vehicle tracking system to personal tracker, CCTV, bomb detector, electric fencing, electric gate opener and car rental system.

Aside from these car tracking companies listed above, they are also other car tracking companies that also provide the perfect services and product for tracking car and these companies includes;

1. Car Tracker Nigeria

2. Zenda Tracker

3. Abon Tracking Ltd

4. Stremcom Track

5. Fenix System among others


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