Top 5 online stores in Nigeria

There are a lot of online shops in Nigeria today due to interest in e-commerce and online marketing. However, there are online stores ahead of others. These top online shops in Nigeria make more sales and have more visitors than the others.

Long ago before the mordern day, shopping can be quite stressful and difficult because sometimes one has to go through a distance to visit a store and also the stress of carrying goods around.  

But thank God  for online stores because today online stores is the new cool. Today in this new era,  you don’t need to stress yourself again all you need do is to stay at the comfort of your home and order for anything that you want to and the fantastic thing about this is that whatever you ordered will be delivered at your doorsteps.

Below is a list of top 5 online stores in Nigeria :

1. Jumia :

Jumia is the most popular online stores in Nigeria and whoever that’s doesn’t know about Jumia in Nigeria isn’t a real Nigerian . Jumia sells eventually almost everything that you could ever think of ranging from groceries, electronics, clothes, footwear etc just name it. Jumia also offers delivery services when you buy from their online store and they offers special discounts and promotions .

2. Konga :

After Jumia comes Konga but one unique fact about Konga is that they permit other retailers to sell their goods using their platform and also Konga has worked so hard to make sure that they have been on top when rating online stores in Nigeria.

3. Slot:

This particular online store special in selling of electronic and mobile devices of all types. So whenever you want to shop for such accessories and gadgets Slot is the best place to do the shopping.

4. Taafoo :

Many may not know but this online store has been in existence even before Jumia and Konga just they special speacialize in fashion wears.  So if you are a fashion frek that is looking for where to shop for all your wears Taafoo should always be in your mind for that.

5. Dealdey:

This isn’t just an online store but it is an online store with so much convinence becaues this store sells their items at a very damn cheap prices.

Other good online stores includes;  Olx, Jiji,kara,mystores,buyright and many others.


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