OPay Offices in Nigeria

Since Opera Group introduced Opay in Nigeria as a means of online payment, their business have been on the growth side. Today, there are series of OPay offices in Nigeria, especially with the introduction of ORide and Otrike in cities like Lagos, Aba, Abeokuta, Enugu and Kano.

Aside having offices across cities in Nigeria, the OPay app is easy to use. OPay offer services from online payment to transportation, as well as food and loans.

For easier navigation to OPay offices Contents101 will table down the list of OPay offices in Nigeria as well as their contact information

OPay offices in Lagos

Corporate Address: Plot 8 Dr Nurudeen Olowopopo Way, Agidingbi, Ikeja

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OPay warehouse address: 85 Old Olowora Rd, Olowora, Lagos

Phone number: 01 888 5040

OPay offices in Abia


OPay offices in Enugu

Address: 15b John Nwodo Close, GRA, Enugu

OPay Offices in Kano

Address: No 4 Opay Office Beside Kawo Bus Stop, Gwagwarwa, Kano

OPay offices in Ogun


OPay office in Owerri

Address: 556 Works Layout, Madonna School Road, opposite Anagbaoso Hospital, Owerri


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    I am so disheartened to write you this mail but I just wish to pour out my heart felt to the appropriate channels and authorities before I decide to either commit suicide or choose a living.
    On the 7th of August, 2020 I saw a advertisement of Opay on Facebook saying that we can apply for a terminal a POS machine and it will be delivered of which I copied the number 0704 380 4942 on the advert. I have an Opay app on my phone and am having an issue which the account in my Opay wallet on the app so I chatted the the number up, he told he is Sam, an customer agent of Opay, I related my Opay wallet issue with him as a customer care of Opay. Sam tend so solve the issue but could not be solved.
    Later, the following day 8th of August, 2020, we proceeded to applying for a terminal POS, and Sam asked me to to snap and send the following information:
    -National ID card
    -NEPA bill
    -A delivery address
    Being the same way app was registered last year 2019, I snapped the information requested and sent them 10.54am, he then told me to wait after. After some hours, at about 4.50pm he told me that he has completed the registration and I was very happy. As a private school teacher, if I can get it, ‘I will use it for my small business to earn a living’ I said within me. Mr. Sam asked me to pay a sum of
    N20, 000 into the following company account details:
    Bank Name:Paycom
    Account Name :Application Payment
    Account Number:704 582 4385
    I sent the money as requested for the registration fee.
    On Sunday morning around 8.50am, this person called me and told me that he has completed the registration (the same way I was called when my Opay app was to be registere). I was so elated to hear this again. Then he sent me my newly opened account with the name I gave HIM, and asked me to fund my POS terminal which is a newly opened account. Truly the account carries the name but I told him that I would be at Ogba on Monday so I would come and see him, and to discuss with him how to apply for more terminals.
    On Monday 10th of August, 2020 exactly 7.30am I called Mr. Sam that I would be coming to see him at the office but he told me that I should fund my new account on the terminal with N30,000 prior my arrival but I didnot send the money since I didnot have money in my Opay wallet.
    I got to the Opay office at Ikeja, I tried to look for Mr. Sam but to my surprise, I was dumbfounded to be told that Mr. Sam is a fraudster, that I have been duped.
    The staff who attended to me requested for the account details that I sent N20, 000 to, I did give the staff but he was asking his colleague if they had not blocked this account  7045824385 before perhaps the forgot to block the account. I was later referred to another staff in the same office and the one blocked the account and the new account created with my name.
    I was told that the money was moved from Opay to First Bank, and later told it has been moved again to Access Bank.
    I am seriously sad and confused, and that is why I would like to ask these:
    1. Does Opay not have a means of confirming names before?using it for account opening on Opay?
    2. How possible is it to created with company’s name
    Bank Name:Paycom
    Account Name :Application Payment
    Account Number:704 582 4385
    I sent the money as requested for the registration fee.
    3. Are Nigerians finances saved with this huge loophole numbery
    4. What is the evidence that the fraudster didnot collide with Opay is ompany to dupe Nigerians?
    5. Are there not fraudsters among Opay staff?
    6. If only the reported (fake) accounts are blocked by Opay, how will they get other fake accounts outside there that putting tears on people’s faces?
    7. What is the effort of banks like First Bank, Access Bank etc. to get these fraudsters and put their face the law. We all did BVN-this should be one of its main importance.
    8. What is the impact of the network providers like MTN etc. to get these fraudsters arrested and make them to face the wrath of law? We all did SIM registration-this should be one of its importance.
    So many people have fallen into these hands of fraudsters, please come to my rescue before ‘heart-attack’ change my position or I change my position myself.

    I am Joseph Olumide F.

  2. I made a transaction by mistake. I wanted to transfer money to a particular beneficiary in rubies microfinance bank but made a mistake in the account number so the money was transfered to a different beneficiary but within the same rubies bank.

    After contacting both financial institutions, I was told the money has been reversed but till now I has not reflected on my account.

    How else should I follow up this issue so as to get back my money?

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