Top 10 youngest billionaires 2020

Whether the worlds youngest billionaires either inherited their wealth or are self made, the fact remains that they are billionaires. There are young billionaires today than there were years back. The youngest billionaire in the world today is 22 years old Kylie Jenner.

1. Kylie Jenner (22 years)

Kylie Jenner is the youngest self made billionaire in the world. She is 21 years old She is an American TV personality and the owner of Kylie Cosmetics. As at 2014, Kylie Jenner and her sister Kendall was listed amongst the most influential teenagers in the world. Kylie Jenner is estimated to worth $1billion.

2. Alexandra Andresen (24 years)

Alexandra Gamlemshaug Andresen is a Norwegian heiress. She became a billionaire at the age of 19, making her the youngest billionaire ever. Alexandra became a billionaire after her father Johan H. Andresen Jr. transferred 42.2% ownership stake of Ferd AS to her in 2016. She is estimated to worth $1.4 billion.

3. Katharina Andresen (25 years)

Katharina Gamlemshaug Andresen is a Norwegian heiress and the elder sister of Alexandra Andresen. Katharina Andresen became a billionaire in 2016 after she inherited 42.2% of Ferd AS from his father. Katharina Andresen is estimated to worth $1.4billion

4. Gustav Witzøe (27 years)

Gustav Magnar Witzøe is a Norwegian billionaire. He is a major share holder in Salmar ASA, a salmon fish farming company. Gustav Witzøe became a billionaire after his father transferred 47% of the company to him to allegedly avoid a large inheritance tax bill in 2013. Gustav Witzøe is estimated to worth $3billion

5. John Collison (29 years)

John Collison is an Irish billionaire and businessman. He cofounded Stripe alongside his elder brother Patrick Collison. John Collison is estimated to worth $3.2 billion dollars

5. Evan Spiegel (29 years)

Evan Spiegel is a French-American businessman and the founder of American social media company Snap Inc. Snap Inc operates Snapchat. Evan Spiegel was the youngest billionaire in 2015. Evan Spiegel is estimated to worth $3.1billion

7. Anna Kasprzak (30 years)

Anna Kasprzak is a Danish dressage rider. Kasprzak, along with her brother André and mother Hanni, owns $1.46 billion (sales) Danish shoe manufacturer, ECCO. Anna Kasprzak is estimated to worth $1billion. ECCO was inherited from their grandfather Karl Toosbuy.

7. Ludwig Theodor Braun (30 years)

Ludwig Theodor Braun is an German businessman who owns 10% of B. Braun Melsungen, a Medical device company founded by his grand father. Ludwig Theodor Braun is estimated to worth

9. Jonathan Kwok (31 years)

Jonathan Kwok is a major shareholder in Sun Hung Kai Properties, the largest real estate company in Hong Kong. Jonathan Kwok and his brothers inherited their fathers stake in Sun Hung Kai Properties after his death 2018.

9. Patrick Collison (31 years)

Patrick Collison is an American entrepreneur and co founder of Stripe. He and his brother John founded Stripe, a tech company that lets businesses easily transact online payments. Patrick Collison is estimated to worth $3.2billion

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