How to make conference calls

Conference call is a call between three or more persons. This can be done either by placing a call and adding other callers or using a conference call service provider. Here, I’ve outlined the procedure on how to make conference call using the two methods.

1st Method: Without a conference call service provider.

  • Call the first person
  • Once connected, click the add call icon. This automatically place the first person on hold.
  • Call the second person.
  • Then merge the two calls by clicking on the merge call icon. This then connects all of you.
  • You can call up to five persons with that procedure.


2nd Method: With a conference call service provider

  • Get the right service provider such as Skype which allows you place audio and video conference calls. For this, you can choose to pay per conference call or purchase a flat rate service to have unlimited access.
  • Get the requirements that the participants will need to call in. This could be a phone number and password.
  • Set time for the conference call and invite others to join in.
  • When it is time, place the call. Sometimes, it’s important to do so before the set time in case there are slight issues with the service so that you have time to fix it before the required time.
  • Wait for everyone to join and start the conversation.


While the two methods can be used for informal calls, it is preferable to use the second method for formal calls.

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