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Who is Christie Smythe Biography, Age

Christie Smythe is an American news reporter. She was a news reporter for Bloomberg News. Christie Smythe is popular for quoting her job as a reporter freezing her ovaries and divorcing her husband for Martin Shkreli, a former CEO of Retrophin. Christie Smythe is 38 years old

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Christie Smythe

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38 years (2020)


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Christie Smythe worked as a reporter for Bloomberg news. However, she quit her job after Shkreli was convicted for security fraud in 2018.

Christie Smythe career at Bloomberg

While at Bloomberg, Smythe covered the federal investigation of Shkreli as a legal reporter for Bloomberg and she was the first reporter to break the news when he was arrested in December 2015.

Christie Smythe Relationship with Martin Shkreli

Christie Smythe falling in love with Martin Shkreli threw her once bubbling career into a rabbit hole started in 2015. The duo met in Kansas City, Missouri.

Christie Smythe relationship with Martin Shkreli

Smythe in an interview with Elle Magazine said she is happy with her relationship with Shkreli. She added their relationship make her feel like she now has a purpose.

She also told Elle Magazine that she will wait for Shkreli who is serving time in prison for fraud.

Smythe have been visiting Shkreli in prison since his conviction. On one of the occasions, they both professed their love for each other. However, due to Covid-19 pandemic, Smythe have not visited Shkreli for a year.

Predictions that Smythe and Shkreli relationship may hit the rock over time seems to be manifesting. Shkreli in an interview with Elle Magazine

Shkreli in a statement he gave to Elle Magazine, He wished Ms Smythe best of luck in her future endeavors.

Who is Martin Shkreli?

Who is Martin Shkreli biography

Martin Shkreli was the CEO of Retropin, a biotechnology firm in the United States. He is the most hated man on earth. Shkreli earned himself the title of the most hated man on earth after he hiked the price of Daraprim, a drug for AIDS by 5000 percent in 2015.

In 2015, Shkreli was investigated for security fraud.

During his trial, he was referred to as evil and d*ck head by 134 jurors. He was reported to go after female journalists who covered his trials. He bought URLs for the post of twos including a post reporter and offered to sell the domains at $12,000.

Shkreli was jailed for seven years for scamming investors in hedge fund he operated.

In April 2020, Shkreli filed for an early release following the outbreak of Covid-19 to work on the supposed cure for Covid-19 while staying in her fiancées apartment in Manhattan.

Christie Smythe Net Worth

Christie Smythe Net Worth

Christie Smythe net worth is currently unknown

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