List of Top 10 most admired women 2020

List of Top 10 most admired women 2020

The United States First Lady have always been on the list of most admired woman. However, former United States First Lady Mitchelle Obama maintained the top spot as the most admired woman in the world. She is ahead of United States First Lady Melania Trump and United States Vice President elect Kampala Harris.

According to Gallup, German chancellor Angela Merkel is ahead of Hillary Clinton and Queen Elizabeth II in the list. Reality TV star Oprah Winfrey is in the list of most admired women the the world.

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List of Top 10 most admired women 2020

% MentioningNumber of top 10 finishes
Michelle Obama1013
Kamala Harris61
Melania Trump44
Oprah Winfrey333
Angela Merkel28
Hillary Clinton229
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez21
Queen Elizabeth II252
Amy Coney Barrett11
Greta Thunberg12

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