What is Fajr

Benefits of Fajr Prayer

Fahd is one of the five obligatory prayers of a Muslim. It is a prayer offered to Allah at the dawn hour of the morning. Fair is the first prayer of the day offered by a Muslim to Allah.

The obligatory five prayers are Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayer.

The Fajr prayer as mentioned in the Quran at sura 24 is the most favored prayer of Allah since others are still asleep. The prayer was inspired by the tafsir of the two hadiths that were transmitted on behalf of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

During Ramadan, the Fajr prayer is used to mark the beginning of the obligatory Ramadan fast.

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The Fajr consist of two rakat; in the congregation the prayer is recited aloud by the leader of the prayer mostly the Imam and the supererogatory or optional dawn prayer offered before the obligatory Fajr prayer. The Fajr is recited from the beginning of dawn till sunrise.

Al-Fajr is also the name of eighty-ninth chapter (sura) of the Qur’an.

Benefits of Fajr

The Muslims believe that there are benefits associated with saying the Fajr prayer. Some of the benefits are

  • Protection from the devil
  • Rescue from Hell
  • Invites positive energy into their lives
  • Teaches the importance of time
  • Full protection by Allah

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