Sarah Everard Biography, Age, Career and Death

Sarah Everard Biography

Sarah Everard was a British marketing executive. She was raped and murdered by Wayne Couzens in March 2021. Sarah Everard was born in 1987 in Surrey but was raised in York

Sarah Everard Profile


Sarah Everard

Real Name

Sarah Everard

Date of Birth



33 Years (2021)

State of Origin



United Kingdom




Marketing Executive

Net Worth

Under Review


March 3, 2021

Educational Background

Sarah Everard education and career

Sarah Everard attended Fulford School. In 2008, she obtained a degree in Human Geography at St Cuthbert’s Society, Durham University.


Sarah Everard was a marketing executive for a digital media agency.

Sarah Everard Death

Sarah Everard death

On March 3, 2021, Sarah Everard went missing. According to reports, she was walking home from a friend’s place around 9pm across Clapham Common.

Sarah was reported missing after she didn’t show up at her boyfriend’s place and could not be reached the next day. The two had agreed to meet the next day after a 15 minutes call.

Around 4:20 pm on March 10, a lifeless body concealed in a building bag was found at Hoad’s Wood near Ashford, Kent. The body was later identified to be Sarah Everard.

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A post-mortem result showed Sarah Everard was strangled to death.

Wayne Couzens was arrested and charged with the murder of Sarah Everard on March 12, 2021.

Couzens later admitted to kidnapping, raping and killing Sarah Everard on 8 June 2021.


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